Front Panel Speaker Connection?

I am doing a rebuild on a family member's computer. It came to me in pieces in an old Dell case with a generic Dell motherboard. I've got everything back together with the exception of the front speaker connection (four pin connector with two wires, red and black, one on each outer pin hole.)

The motherboard utilizes a generic blue 10 pin header for the front connections(power, hdd light, etc.) but there is no room for the speaker connection. There are only two other headers that I have available on the board, I'm just not sure which to use...if at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The headers available are the FP AUD / J9C2 header and the CD-IN / J9C1. I am attaching a photo of the two headers. Will either of these work? I've done some investigating online with no avail. Thanks in advance!
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That is the speakers connector (the red/black wire) and not the front panel speaker connector. You have to look for a spk or speaker header on the mb. Usually is a 4pin connector, using only 2 of them (on the sides)
mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
I'm prett sure that this is the front panel speaker wire, as it runs up to the front panel speaker. There are only 2 available headers on the motherboard, shown in the picture, I've labeled them in the pic..will either of these two work? Or am I out of luck. There are literally no other headers available.  
The FP AUD / J9C2 is connecting all the front panel jacks.
The  CD-IN / J9C1 is a connection between the CD and the sound card, for digital audio playback.

The red/black wire is for the PC speaker, the one for beeps only. Not connected to the audio card.
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mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
So my best bet would be to try to connect within the J9C2 header? All of the other front panel jacks are connected to a J7J2 header via a blue 10-pin plug...I believe it encorporates the power, power LED, HDD LED, and reset switch.
The  FP AUD / J9C2 is the Front Panel Audio header (the speakers connected to the audio card, and the microphone).
I guess the red/black cable is connected to a speaker in the case and not to the front panel speaker jack.

There are no other cables in the case?
mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
Correct, the red and black cable connects directly to a little speaker mounted on the front of the case frame...behind the plastic outer casing. Right now, I only have the MOBO, DVD ROM, and CPU fan installed...No power supply, no the only cables in the case right now are the front panel wires and the CPU power cable. The only available headers on the motherboard are the two that I showed in the picture, the 24 pin power header, and a pair of IDE headers.

I'm starting to wonder if this speaker wire was ever connected in the first place. It is not the original case for the components, and I doubt that the owner had a clue what he was doing putting it I received it in pieces! I'm thinking maybe I should forget about it and tuck this little sucker away and out of site. lol
You've confused the PC speaker with the front panel audio. The FP AUD / J9C2 connector is used to connect to the front panel of the original Dell case (only works with that particular case's front panel module). The PC speaker you're wondering about in this case, you would leave disconnected as the motherboard has one integrated on it. Just tie / tuck the wire away from everything else.

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mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
CrystalMethod: Actually it's not. The original case used the J7J2 harness to connect the front panel. The original front panel wiring J7J2 harness was removed and spliced to the new cases front panel wires, so the same J7J2 10 pin header is being used instead of the individual plugs from the new case. But, it does make sense that this wire could be unnecessary if there is an integrated bios speaker on the board. I'll get it all together, leaving the case speaker disconnected, and test it out.

Thanks for your input guys...I'll get back to you shortly!
mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
Got the machine up and running, with beeps! There must be an onboard speaker. So, I'll just tuck this wire away and forget about it. Everything else connected and functioning correctly. Thanks for all the help!
mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. I had a bit of confusion with the phrasing in the begining...but after reading through it again I get where you were going...refering to the difference between the speaker connector and front panel speaker connector (a.k.a. front audio panel vs. front panel speaker) haha But, it's all good now it all makes sense! I really appreciate your guy's time and help with this!
Oh, if you want to know what's beeping here's a pic of what to look for on the motherboard.

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