Getting repeating pattern from Lotus Notes LNCalendarEntry in C++ API

I can see there is a IsRepeating property for an LNCalendarEntry, but I don't see any functions or properties that provide the repeating pattern.

The documentation does state that repeating calendar entries cannot be created using the C++ API, but does that mean they also cannot be read?  If they cannot be read, can they be read using the C API?  If so, can I call the C method from my C++ code without dumping all of the code that uses the C++ API?
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cnpzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, not too up on the API, but what you really want to do is get the Note that has the entry (document in notes speak). It'll have a bunch of fields like RepeatForUnit, RepeatFor, RepeatHow, RepeatInterval etc, etc. So, I guess, you need to figure out how to go from the LNCalendarEntry to the underlying note?
jlalandeAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have started down a different path where I am getting the value tagged RepeatInstanceDates.  It returns an item whose type is LNITEMTYPE_DATETIMES.  However I am not sure how to extract an array of LNDatetimes from the item.
I think the only way you can read that is to use cnpz's suggestion and examine those LN system fields on repeating calendar documents.
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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