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domain login script.. stay VB? Move to Powershell?

So this might be a non-issue and completely irrelevant but with the advent of Server 2008, the changes in Group Policy between 03 and 08.. the further embedding of PowerShell.  Is there a chance that companies still using VBScript during login might need to convert or migrate to using something else?  GPO's, PowerShell?, etc..

I may not be asking this correctly.. or getting my thought across. I can't script in VB, nor in PowerShell yet. But I've seen slight instances where Vista/7 clients give errors processing certain portions of a vb login script when it was originally designed for 2k/XP clients.  With changes in terminology and syntax, I just wanna make sure of the future with my scripts.
Ben Hart
Ben Hart
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Mike KlineCommented:
VBScript should work with Windows 7 but if you have issues with a particular script you can post it here.

What are your scripts doing, another newer alternative is using group policy preferences.  Good overview of GPP here



I prefer to use vbscripts for logon scripts, and vbscript is not going away any time soon!  So, I think you are safe to stay with vbscript.  You may have to make modifications to some scripts for Win 7, but that should not be a deal breaker.
Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
i changed my logon script for windows 7 (still a vbscript tho)
i use two scripts, one start the other as a special event so it have more permissions
but all of this work fine in windows 7 and vista
(i can post logon script on demand but it's already somewhere in expert exchange)

also, i saw no reasons to move to powershell yet, since i can do anything with vbs

the day i find something powershell do and vbscript dont, and i need it, i will migrate my logon script
(talking about a network with 120 computers here)

also, powershell must be installed as a patch to computers who still use windows xp
Ben HartAuthor Commented:
Ok this is very re-assuring... I'm planning on being a good admin and learning Powershell but I just wanted to make sure the grass wasn't greener and I was missing it.

Thanks guys
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