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hello experts

public HashMap<String,User> users = new HashMap<String,User>();
public String banned[];

My goal is to RANDOMLY choose 5 users from "users" (all distinct) that are not include in banned[]

Any clues ?

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First, extract the keys from the map.
Then remove all the keys in banned from the keys you have.
Then shuffle the keys to get them in random order.
Now go over the first five keys (assuming you have that many) and get their matching users.

See code below, hope that's you meant.
Sorry, forgot the code.
List<String> mapKeys = new ArrayList<String>(users.keySet());
		List<String> bannedAsList = Arrays.asList(banned);

		for (int i = 0 ; i < Math.min(mapKeys.size(), 5) ; i++)
			String currentKey = mapKeys.get(i);
			System.out.println("Value is " + users.get(currentKey));

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you want to use Random.  It is explained here (no shuffling required):


Excellent work !
works perfectly !

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