e-mail delivery delay to bellsouth and AOL

We recently received a new public IP.  We have our IP information as follows:

A record of mail.domain.com points to external IP
MX record is mail.domain.com
rDNS is external IP -> mail.domain.com

I have checked on mxtoolbox and there are no blacklists and ESMTP service shows all green including the banner.  Now the queue seems to be empty but i'm not receiving the tests.

I logged smtp i have the following:

18:41:55 - - 0  (AT&T)
18:44:31 EHLO - 250  (backup mx via dyndns)
18:44:31 MAIL - 250
18:44:31 RCPT - 250
18:44:31 DATA - 250
18:44:31 QUIT - 240

Looks like the mail is being rejected but not sure why??

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It sounds like they are blocking you via their own list, if you have checked mxtoolbox.com --> blacklists are you are clean.

Also make sure your EHLO FQDN is set to the same as rDNS.

See my blog on this and other SMTP DNS matters: http://exchangeshell.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/exchange-send-connector-ehlo-and-dns-data-rdns-ptr-mx-spf-txt-a-record


scoobyftlAuthor Commented:
I added more detail to the logging and this is the bellsouth results:

2010-04-15 19:19:19 OutboundConnectionResponse SMTPSVC1 SERVER - 25 - - 521-x.x.x.x+is+blocked+domain+(*) 0 0 38 0 78 SMTP - - - -

I have no idea why it's being blocked since everything is set up correctly.  I've logged the case on the block site requesting removal from their rbl.
scoobyftlAuthor Commented:
Thanks shaun.   I had telnet over to the bellsouth and AOL mail servers and confirmed they had the IP on their own RBL.  I requested removal and after 48 hours was back in business.  Must have happend due to lack of rDNS when first switched providers.  
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