Win 7 64bit Driver for ENX-26?

After doing tons of googling and attempting to talk to a sony agent ... i still have been unable to find drivers for my Sony ENX-26 Tv Tuner Card / Windows 7 64bit.

Can anyone assist?
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remlabincAuthor Commented:
bought a new sound card... coudnt figure out the driver problem.
If you have vista drivers try vista 64bit

They will often work on windows 7
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
1) make a scan with
2) after this a “DriverAgent Scan Results” will display
3) Copy the “DriverAgent Scan Results” link and post it here
4) after i will post the driver link!
remlabincAuthor Commented:
tried vista 64bit drivers they didnt work error on installing "couldnt find object=;" weird error...

any ways that site was no help either... i have tried that one, drivermax, driver magician, and driver genius.

still cannot get this *(!#@ thing to install
Carlo VasquezCommented:
I am in the same boat having a hard time.
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