Connecting ProCurve 1800 switches with Cisco PoE Small Business SR224 switch

Currently I have two HP-ProCurve 1800 switches. I am planning on connecting a Cisco Small Business SR224 switch to my two HP switches to add additional 24 n/w ports on my network (I won't be using any VoIP features).

My questions is; can I connect (daisy-chain) a Cisco PoE switch to my HP switches without any issues? OR will it be better to purchase a third HP-Procurve switch instead?

Also, Is there any HTTP management port for the Cisco switch?


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yes, you can daisy chain them, but I would suggest to connect them in V-way, so or even in a triangle to provide better redundancy.
for triangle to work well you'll need spanning tree enabled on all switches (must be on by default)

all switches do provide web management, just http://<switch_default_ip>, when your PC is configured with correct subnet.
What from_exp stated above is correct. I would keep it simple and only use a single connection from the new switch to one of the other two. That way you minimize any possible spanning tree issues and only burn one port on each switch for interconnection.
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