Replicate Sun Java Enterprise DS with Open LDAP

I am using Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition version 7. I have a OpenLDAP Directory that I need to synchronize with. I have been unsuccessful when trying to add a replication agreement on the Sun server. The DS instances on OpenLDAP are not set up the same way. Does the included DS proxy server included in Sun, do that? I have not gotten that to work as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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"The Directory Proxy Server component of Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) is an LDAP application layer protocol gateway designed to deliver high availability, virtual directory, data distribution, enhanced directory access control, and schema compatibility."

So it is a Virtual Directory that will consolidate Entries from one or more LDAP servers to appear as one.

There's no standard LDAP replication protocol so OpenLDAP can only replicate with OpenLDAP, Sun DSEE can only replicate with Sun DSEE, OpenDS can only replicate with OpenDS and so on. You may wish to check LDUP which is a tentative LDAP replication protocol, but I'm afraid it's still at a draft status.

There certainly are commercial products that will allow you to perform your "synchronization" which in general is measured in slower times than replication. (But in typically less than a minute).

There is at least one openSource that appear to have these capabilities:

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