Exchange 2007: Troubleshooting RPC over HTTPS


I recently migrated an Exchange server from 2003 to 2007 (Server 2003 to 2008) and would like some tips on troubleshooting RPC over HTTPS. I know it's enabled  but clients aren't able to use it for some reason.

What steps do you take to ensure proper functioning of RPC over HTTPS?
How do you troubleshoot this, best practices, that is?

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you can also use the site I mentioned in your other question to verify the functionality of the RPC over HTTPS component.  Note though that on the test site they use the new name for it -- Outlook Anywhere.
You will need to make sure you have a valid and proper SSL certificate in place with all the right entries. Purchase a SAN (or UC) certificate, ensure it has at least:

Then make sure port 443 is open and you should be good,
Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Exchange 2007 and Outlook Anywhere configuration.

Normally outlook anywhere connects with clients Via RPC over HTTps feature, but to get Autodiscover enabled, then might need an External Host A record for, if you have a single named certificate, or else you have to install an UCC SAN certificate with multiple domain names including the
And it works only with Outlook 2007 clients, not with Legacy clients.

RPC Virtual directory should have Basic Authentication enabled on the server, no other authentication should be enbabled on the RPC virtual directory.

Please check it out and revert back if you have any issues.
juckytAuthor Commented:
It got me pointed in the right direction
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