limit bandwidth usage to all users except 8 machines

What is the best way or appliance to limit bandwidth usage for most all of the clients (30) but allow 8 or 10 machines unfettered access to all of the available bandwidth.  In the network that I am managing, several of the clients will start downloading/uploading and cause some of the mission-critical machines to slow down their tasks on the internet.  I am running a SonicWall TZ-180 but would upgrade this firewall to find an easy to implement solution.  The only requirement would be an appliance would need to do a good job of content filtering.  Thank you for any help.
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Cas KristCommented:
Maybe you can use bandwidth management of your sonicwall (advanced properties of your WAN interface). When you enable it you get an extra option in your firewall rules (BWM). Limit the outbound traffic for your standard outbound traffic. Create a second outbound rule which goes for your machines which need full bandwidth and set the bandwidth accordingly. (this is easiest done when the ip addresses of these machines are grouped togeteher).
Also have a look at Fortigate (we have never looked back).
257RobertsAuthor Commented:
Okay, caskrist, I will try that.  I did not know the Sonic OS (enhanced) had that capability.
Cas KristCommented:
Yep, it has. Good luck and thanks for the points.
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