RWW RDP Redirector Not Connecting to Workstation behind SonicWall VPN

- User logs in to RWW hosted on SBS2k8 box.
- User attempts to connect to workstation via RDP redirector and receives error message (attached as image below).

Configuration information:
- Location housing SBS2k8 box is connected via SonicWall VPN to satellite office containing user's workstation.
- Satellite office is on different subnet from that of main office.
- User's account is local administrator on workstation.
- Workstation is set as "default computer link in RWW" in user's account's properties dialogue in SBS Console.
- Remote control is enabled on workstation, and user is explicitly listed as allowed to connect.

Diagnostics already attempted:
- User's workstation is pingable from server hosting RWW.
- Attempt to connect to system with terminal client from server either directly (manually) or through SBS console fails.
- Issue is present when attempting connection from RWW session started with domain admin credentials as well as from user's session.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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siyanaAuthor Commented:
I opened a Windows firewall exception for Remote Desktop, and everything started working. Apparently just enabling RDP connections via GP hadn't added the exception in this case.
Alex AppletonBusiness Technology AnalystCommented:
For your satellite office, do you have static NAT rules created that point the remote system through that router?  If so, then have you enabled NAT exemption rules on both ends of the L2L VPN for internal traffic?
siyanaAuthor Commented:
We don't currently have static NAT configured at any location for this client.

I should note, additionally, that after testing I have found that I cannot telnet to port 3389 on the workstation from the server.
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