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I am re- purposeing an unused PC where I work.

All of the settings are for users on the network with shared resources. I need to create a simple local account that does not have network privileges. I have administrative privileges and am going (on the local machine) under control panel > user accounts > add, however I don't know what to put in the spot for domain that will keep the account local.

Of am I going about this the wrong way?
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David BruggeAsked:
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Joseph DalyCommented:
so you just want to create a local user account?

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Or from a command line net user {name} {password} /add

Start > right click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name.  Put the name of the computer in the domain field.  This will make an account local
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
When I locate the Computer name, it is reported as "COMPANY NAME - COMPUTER #616".
When I go to new user and click add and enter "newname" for user name, and "COMPANY NAME - COMPUTER #616" for the domain, I am then asked if I want this to be a standard user or a restricted user.

I say standard user.

I then get an error saying "the new user COMPANY NAME - COMPUTER #616\newname could not be granted standard access because COMPANY NAME - COMPUTER #616\newname does not exist!"

Same is true for any other type of user I create.
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Did the trick. Thanks!
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