Question on BES/Exchange connectivity


I've been trying to figure this out by reading the internet, but can't find an answer.

From what I understand, if a BES user receives an email in their Exchange mailbox, then Exchange will send a UDP notification to the BES stating so.

Does the BES Messaging Agent then pull the message from the mailbox, or does Exchange push the message to the BES?

And, secondly, does anyone know what this UDP port number actually is?

Thanks in advance
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Jamie McKillopConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:

BES uses MAPI to connect to the Exchange server. It works the same way Outlook does in MAPI mode. It is best not to have a firewall between the BES and Exchange server. Ideally, they should both be on the same LAN. If you want to have a firewall between them, you need to map some static ports on your Exchange server.

dlan75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
From what I know bes is looking for the message on the exchange. Exchange is not pushing but BES is to the units trhough the RIM servers.
Port should be same as SRP 3101 I think
monorail1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The messaging agent talks to exchange via MAPI and then once the messages have been sent/received some tables in the BESmgmt database get updated. Your BES talks to RIM over TCP/3101 (or TCP/4101 for wired activations via desktop manager for serial bypass). Though those ports are needed for handheld communication, they do not directly play any role in how your BES talks to exchange and vice versa.  

Are you asking out of curiosity or from a firewall/security standpoint? If security see the MSFT KB jjmck included above for MAPI port mappings otherwise you just need to make sure outbound communication from your BES via TCP/3101 is allowed.

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