IE slow in 2k3 terminal service?

I got a Dell PE1950 added a 2nd processor recently “didn’t help I guess”  so I got dual Xenon 5160@ 3GHZ , 2k3 64bit with 8GB of RAM….this TS box is used for remote users to get their work done and they remote in via XPe RDP client. Between At the 11 and 11:15PM users just clocking in-out using IE7 in their secessions “about 20+ per a min” the internet is supper slow to load that page and I remoted in ceveral time around that shift to verify this issue it take a min or two to load that page? Tried it on my local IE in my laptop it loaded in a second.

I timed out the disconnected session(s) to 2 min because I know lots of users on a rush and they don’t logoff their sessions they just disconnect it. do I need more RAM? Any ideas will be great
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snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
More ram will not help.  I have that much RAM in my TS and it rarely if ever balks at 20 users working with many apps.
I think the problem stems from using IE in a TS environment.  If all of those users are requesting at the same time, it will slow the data.  Also, you mention a specific time where the problem is what time is your TS checking for updates...Windows and/or antivirus.  If it is a that time, that would explain a lot.  I do not allow auto updates for Window's on my TS...I do mandate antivirus autoupdate though.
I tell my users to browse locally.  If they browse the web via TS, the traffic is wasting bandwidth and therefore making the problem worse.  I set pretty strict restrictions on the TS's IE, this helps the users to decide to use their local internet instead.
TITGAuthor Commented:
During the day the box is fine the slow performance happens at 11PM at night and that is where we have most of our employees clocking in-out windows update runs at 3AM. I have adjusted antivirus to check updates once a day in the AM. Our users MUST use TS to get their work done because they authenticate via a to that box…..etc also we run websense so we allows them to work on certain sites…..etc. is it worth it to upgrade to 2008 TS anyone can give a feedback?  
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
It sounds like a traffic issue.  You need to find out what specifically is happening in that time frame that would effect internet performance directly.  I am unaware of any specific and  unique component in 2008 that wold help.
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TITGAuthor Commented:
Any tool to find that out?
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Free one from Microsoft will do it...

There are many for fee tools, I personally use Barracuda.  It is a premium web filtering device, but that has many other features I could not be without.
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Did you find the source of your slowdown?
TITGAuthor Commented:
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Did you try monitoring the traffic?

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