Proxy Server Exceptions In Group Policy Do Not Work - Help


We have a student computer lab. We want to only allow the following sites:

I have configured group policy User Config>Policies>Windows Settings>Internet Explorer Maintenance>Connection>
Proxy Settings  to point to an internal web site.  Coded the following into Exceptions:


Plus have tried various other combinations.   Here is the problem...   The main page will load, but many of the graphics will not load and clicking on a button to take me somewhere else in the same site then invokes the proxy and it is denied.  Also, graphics are missing, since they point to some other locations within that site.

How can I code the exception list to allow ALL pages within these to sites and graphics to load?  Want full access to all the pages on these sites, but it is not working.  

Running Windows 2008 Server.   PCs running WinXP PRo SP3.  Please advise.  

Lab PCs only run IE8.  No other browsers.
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DonConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
use this format
rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Have done this for freetyping -

*.freetypinggame;*.freetypinggame.*   and it works fine now.

Wikipedia still giving me a fit.  Have these entries:   *.wikipedia.*;**

Will not load pictures
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
That may because the pictures are embedded(different urls). Hover over them and you should be able to see in bottom left
rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Ok, here is another issue, related to this problem.....

I have done a GPUPDATE /FORCE on all the PCs in the computer lab.  It seems that the GP has not engaged for most of them.  A couple of them have also been rebooted to see if that helps.  Nope.... still able to access other websites....
rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Found the RSOP.MSC which I ran on a couple of the PCs.  It shows the PROXY for IE being enabled.  Yet, it does not engage properly on the PC.  Any ideas?
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