Time Out Prompt for VPN Users on Cisco AnyConnect using 5520 ASA and MS RADIUS


I need to set up a way to time out VPN sessions connected to a Cisco 5520 ASA running 8.2(1).  The VPN clients are using AnyConnect version 2.3.0254, and we use a server running MS RADIUS for authenication to the VPN using domain credentials.

There are two options on the ASA to time out connections - max idle time and max connect time.  Unfortunately, Windows machines (and perhaps Macs, haven't tested yet) will send data across the VPN tunnel regardless of whether the user is doing anything on the PC or not, so the idle timeout simply doesn't work.  The max connect option does work, but unfortunately doesn't prompt the user to ask if they want to stay connected when the timer runs out - they simply get a pop up stating that they have been disconnected due to max connection time.  I haven't seen any way to configure a prompt saying 'you have been connected for xx amount of time, and your session will be disconnected unless you click continue', or something to that effect.

Is there anyway to either 1) make the idle timeout actually work or 2) prompt users after the max connect time has expired to see if they're still there and want to stay connected?  

There is an option in the RADIUS Remote Access Policies to time out based on idle or max connect time, but will the idle timeout work and will the max connect prompt them or just disconnect?  Any other way to accomplish this?  Thanks very much.
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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
no you can not do that with the ASA

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