VPN Router Throughputs - which one is best?

I run a network that has 7 different offices and a central office where I am now.  Each office is connected to the central office via VPN and they all have just the regular Netgear FVS114 Prosafe VPN Routers.  I have always used 3DES for the encryption method but I just today saw on Netgear's website that the throughput for VPNs over 3DES is only 2.1 Mbps!  I feel like a total idiot that I'm a network guy and I didn't realize VPN's have a significantly lower throughput than what the regular internet connection would be at that particular location.  Some of these locations have a 15mbps down/up internet connection and now it makes sense why their connection to us here at the central office sucks.

My question is:    Is there a VPN firewall out there that is cheap/affordable that also has a decent amount of throughput?  Or, is there a way to get a significantly higher amount of throughput with the model I already have (FVS114 Netgear) by using a different encryption method?  I'm sad to say I've just never realized there was such a drop in total throughput with VPN's so I feel I should ask people who have more experience than me.  Thanks guys!
tphelps19IT ManagerAsked:
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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
first off 3DES is an outdated encryption technology change to AES128 or AES256

Second you can look at Cisco ASA devices or SonicWALL TZ or NSA series appliances but you will need to look at and compare the specifications for each one to determine what is best for your environment.  Any netgear product is not going to provide sufficient VPN throughput.  

Also Juniper
tphelps19IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Any other manufacturers anyone would recommend?  We don't need anything hardcore, just basic routing and VPN...
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ffleismaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
cisco ASA are expensive and considering you requirement, i'd say go with juniper or sonic wall. also you can use other unknown brands. i copied a link below for you to check out.


changing the encryption mode to AES128 or AES256 will consume more bandwidth, the better the encryption the more overhead it produces on you bandwidth. changing to lower encryption method like from 3DES to DES will improve VPN throughput put will give you a less secure connection, just strike a balance to what you need.

hope it hepls :-)
ffleismaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
you can also check out product line of cisco that can do VPN, i've search and found the link below that shows VPN throughput for each device.


hope this helps :-)

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tphelps19IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!  Kind of wish they were a little cheaper, or for that price they were a router too!  Thanks again...
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