Adding a self signed certificate to a SharePoint site for more than 1 year

Hello Experts,

I have a Sharepoint Services 3.0 site nestled in our Internal network. I have currently set up SSL for my site, along with a self-signed 1 year cert, which you can create in IIS7. Here is what I need:

- .psk self-signed cert (or domain CA, although we dont have a CA on our domain) that will NOT expire in 1 year (20-30 years is fine for this use)
-  this is internal only, so no need for a root level CA

I am using IIS7, WSS 3.0, and Server 2008 (64-bit). IIS7 seems to only allow a 1 year self-signed certificate setup using their wizard. I tried using makecert.exe, but for some reason, IIS only allows .psk files to be uploaded and used for the sites, not .cer files, and I am having trouble trying to find a way around that.

Full points + A for anyone who can help by providing the correct switches for makecert, or a workaround for my situation without paying for a root level CA liscense.

Thanks for your time Experts!

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The only experience I have had with this is for Exchange.

See my guide Step 1:

Go to ‘Server Manager’ –> ‘Add Roles’ wizard –> Choose ‘Active Directory Certificate Services’ –> Next –> Choose ‘Certification Authority’ only (don’t need the other role services) –> Enterprise –> Next –> Root CA –> Next –> Create a new private key –> Keep all defaults here (2048 length / RSA Sha1 key) –> Keep Common Name as default –> Next –> Valid for 5 years should be fine as this is just for testing, change if you wish –> Next, Finish

So, if you have this role and no certs at the moment, I'd remove it and re-add then instead of the recommended 5 years, choose your 20-30 years.


I think makecert is an old tool now. I use SefSSL (from the IIS6 resource kit). This works with IIS7 and has very simple options.

Example: selfssl /N:cn=MYSERVER /K:1024 /V:3650 /S:1 /P:443

This creates a cert with the common name "MYSERVER" and assigns it to the <default web site> on port 443. The cert will be valid for 3650 days and have a key length of 1024

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Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:

Give this a read. You do not need a CA installed to do this. :)

makecert -r -pe -n "" -e 01/01/2015 -sky exchange -ss my -sr localMachine

MAKECERT options

Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
Ncollings has a good point too.

SELFSSL is apart of the IIS6 resource kit and will do the same thing. NOTE thought you have to install the “IIS 6 Management Compatibility Role Services” in order to be able to use SelfSSL.exe.

Either way, .NET SDK or IIS6 Resource toolkit or a CA is required.

And his selfssl example is correct. :)

SBFOTT2Author Commented:
Great, thank you so much for the comments. I will be performing these tasks this week, and points will be awarded as soon as I can get this going, and will be awarded to the first post that supplied what I asked for.
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