Query for long running reports

  I'm on BO XI R2.We have a number of Crystal reports scheduled to run every day.
  But since past one week, we have issues with the scheduling.The problem is that the reports say recurring but not running for a very long time.They run at their convenience while the users are waiting for them..

Is there a way we can query to see which report is in the queue and which report is taking al ong time to run?

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There is two potential solutions.

First, you have to have auditing turned on. If you do you can write a report that will give you this information. To turn auditing on you have to go to the CMS and Stop the CMC service. Then you can active the Audit feature (there is a bit more to it than that like setting up database and odbc connection). Turn CMC service back on. Then log into the Console and go to the Server tab. Here you will see for each server(jobserver, cacheserver) there is an audit tab. Check all that you would like to capture. Becare the more you turn on the more you environment will be affected because it has to write to the database each selection.
Log into the Instance manager. You can find this if you go to the Administrator webpage (not the console). At the top,there is a drop down you can select pending, running, failed, success, and I think one other. But then you will have to look at each instance. In the instance manager it will show only 100 per page and there is no way to get around it. Not the most ideal but it works nevertheless.

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pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Last time, apparently a report took a long time to run and so, the other reports were in queue.
 But when i queried the instance manager for the running or pending reports, it didn't show even a single instance; that was intriguing.

Auditing is one option as you said. But it cann't be implemented rightaway in our company;need permissions :(
But i'm looking for some code to run on the Query Builder,so i can immediately take a look at which report might be running long..
Please advise.
HA!! Good luck with Query Builder. I have had run in with BO with that tool, and the net result from them was we wanted to provide something in the tool set to help you out but we cant help you use it.
pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
OK, i ran your suggestions thru my higher levels and they are ok with turning audit on,under the condition that nothing else breaks..
 Now ii have two questions here.
1.When we stop the CMC and turn it back on, will it affect the recurring schedule runs of the reports in any way?
2.Once we check the the audit option in the servers, how/what/where do we query?

Sorry, i'm new to all this and so, the confusion.
Thanks again for all the help!
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