XenApp Plugin keeps asking for servername


We are running Citrix 4.5 Enterprise.

We have a Web Interface from which users can access their apps. Web Interface is accessed by http://citrixweb.domain.com. Our Citrix servers are citrix1.domain.com and citrix2.domain.com and the web interface is citrix3.domain.com

I also have the XenApp plugin installed on my machine...however it keeps asking me for a server address? The box is "what is the address of the server hosting your published resources?"

However, regardless of what I enter, whether it's the name of a Citrix server or the http://citrixweb value, it keeps saying:

"Citrix XenApp could not contact the server entered"

Any ideas?
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:

"Use the “Citrix Online plug-in – web” to access your hosted applications from a web interface."
Carl WebsterCommented:
If you are not using a XenApp Services Site, also known as a PNAgent site, then you can uninstall that online plug-in.
Joe_BuddenAuthor Commented:
But don't I need the online plug-in to launch apps via the Web Interface?

This is where I'm confused?
Joe_BuddenAuthor Commented:
Ah ok...got it...(I think)

So the "Citrix Online plug-in" is for desktop/web access, whereas the "Citrix online-plug in web" is for web interface access only and won't keep asking me for a servername.

Any idea where to get the web plug in though, it doesn't appear to be on the Citrix site?
Carl WebsterCommented:
The download zip file from the link I sent earlier has the file contained in it.  There is a file called CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe in the zip file.
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