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Hi Experts:

I have been having constant problems with this SSIS Package.It is related to this question :
rrejan had helped me solve the problem then.

I created this SSIS package with my SQL login and it was working perfectly fine.I was able to run the package from any windows account,but last week we decommisioned our old SQL server and moved data to a new SQL server(both are SQL 2008) and moved all the data to the new when i try to execute the package it does not work,i get a ton of errors.So when I go into the package and change link to my windows account-it works but now other than me noone else can run this package-so basically I am back to square one.

Someone please help!
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You need to ensure all the user accound have been properly migrated to the new server and have rights on the relevant databases in the user mappings.

It may be as siple as re-publishing the reports though so that the keys are re-published for the new server.

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kmgingeeAuthor Commented:

I think you are right.the error i get says invalid key and something about checking encryption settings.Can you kindly eloborate on  your solution? please note I am a DBA novice.
Thanks again
You would need to open the the report project(s) in BI development studio or whatever the tools was that was used to create it.

Look in the Project menu\Properties and ensure the TargetServerURL is pointign to the new location if it has changed.

You should then be able to deploy the project from the Build menu.
Now you have that of course use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager from the SQL server start menu entry.

From there you can back up the keys to a password protected file.

They can be corrupted if the server restarts unexpectedly and that will save you having to re-publish everything.
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