Zend Studio in VMWare - CMD-L makes windows login screen appear full screen

I accidentally pressed cmd-L while working in Zend Studio in a VM. This causes the Windows login screen to appear full screen. At first I did not know how to recover from this. Apparently just clicking on a login icon reverses the phenomena.

What is the cmd-L keystroke doing in this case?
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jasimon9Author Commented:
I was eventually able to clear the situation by clicking/mousing.
     cmd-L - you mean to say "Windows key" + L. If that is the case, then it is meant for windows lock. So obviously you will be redirected to login screen and need to unlock your pc.
jasimon9Author Commented:
I should have said VMWare Fusion, so it would be clear that I was on a Mac.

So by cmd-L, I mean cmd-L which is a Mac keystroke. Now it should be obvious that there is no "Windows key + L."
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