Server object error 'ASP 0178 : 80070005'

Server object error 'ASP 0178 : 80070005'

Server.CreateObject Access Error

/secured/includes/TopOfEveryPage.asp, line 797

The call to Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. Access is denied to this object.

So I can see that this is a familiar type of issue.
The only problem being that EVERY fix offered both on EE and the net does not resolve the issue.

IUSR permissions granted to all DLLs ( which are custom )
Local System permission granted to allow for higher Auth.
Reduced Security settings
Given Admin rights to EVERYTHING!

We migrated and cloned our website from one server to another to do some testing and EVERY setting is the same. Yet the clone does not work.

Any suggestions?
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on the page
/secured/includes/TopOfEveryPage.asp, line 797

Check that the object being created is installed.
There should be a line there that says
Set Var = server.createobject("Some String")
I would bet that you need an office component.

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ry_berkAuthor Commented:
I will def. check it out tomorrow and let you know

Thanks for the info
ry_berkAuthor Commented:
It seems that it wasnt a component not being installed.

The problem was caused by a different issue that someone else here found out when I left.

We are now having an issue though with images being retrieved on the working site.

The site works fine and speedy. Login to the site works. Queries are working. And the images come up, but they are Red X'd for every retrieval.

Any thoughts?
ry_berkAuthor Commented:
Issue was resolved without using the advice posted.

Still, gratefull for the assistance.
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