How to manage broken links to SharePoint sites when moving SharePoint sites to new servers?

We are preparing our current SharePoint Services 3.0 servers to be upgraded to SharePoint 2010. In the process, we will retire and migrate some of the old servers. This means that some of the URL’s that users are using for these old SharePoint sites will change to the new ones. New SharePoint servers would have different names from the old ones. We have about 120 users, but hundreds of short cuts, links on web pages, favorites, and the like that will no longer work. Can somebody offer some advice on how to handle this and avoid frustrate users with broken links?
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There is really no magic solution to this problem (broken links/favorites/etc).

However, you can mitigate some of it. One possible solution would be to create a IIS web site with the same name as your old SharePoint server url and on that website just redirect the user to the new URL.

For instance,
Old SharePoint URL = http://sharepoint2007/sites/teamsite
New SharePoint URL = http://sharepoin2010/sites/teamsite

Since you are retiring http://sharepoint2007, create a IIS website that will handle http://SharePoint2007 request. Have the page notify the user that the URL is no longer valid and that they need to update their bookmark or whatever and then redirect them to http://sharepoint2010/sites/teamsite. Replacing sharepoint2007 for sharepoint2010 and keeping the /sites/teamsite.

You would do the above by creating a custom 404 page not found for http://sharepoint2007
Check out the "Server URL has changed and users have bookmarks" section in this blog posting I ran across today -

I didn't know IIS had redirect variables.
Wow, that's an awesome link Quihong!  Thanks!
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