charat and multiple text

I have a long string of test that i want to receive vai a  method then search all the content and every thime I find something starting <BO I want to record it and return it via a method

Anyone know how to do this.  Note I need all characters after <BO until a space is entered in the test
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Yes, use indexOf.

What problems do you have writing the method?
enigma1234567890Author Commented:
how do I know when I an at end of text
enigma1234567890Author Commented:
Sorry how do I know when at end of text and how do I get multiple text analysed.  I dont want to stop when i hit the first item
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try to use substring,

resultstring = longText.substring(longText.indexOf("
enigma1234567890Author Commented:
how do you edit the abolve code to tale all occurances of <BO
You use a cycle.

and you know that you are at the end of the text, when indexOf returns -1. Something like

int in = longText.indexOf("<BO");
while (in>0){
String startingWithBO = longText.substring(in); //do whatever you want with this one
//you might want to stop this to a > or a space - use a second parameter
longText = longText.substring(in+3);
in = longText.indexOf("<BO");


Using indexOf withput checking tends to throw exceptions :)

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enigma1234567890Author Commented:
why do you use int in = longtxt.indexof

To find out where the next <BO starts
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