best bootable bare metal clone tool for windows?

i'm interested to hear what tool everyone thinks is best for doing a bare metal clone for windows (and preferably windows server as well).

thanks guys.
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Symantec Ghost is good tool for cloning clients and servers as well. But exactly Acronis True image better than symantec for me.  It has more flexibility and  less errors .

 You can see comparing both  with link below in details :
By the this comparing one point is very important . pls read section 16 carefully :
""16)   I run a freeware program called Spy-The-Spy, which lets me monitor changes to files in certain folders on my C: drive in real time.  Unlike Ghost 9, at periodic points throughout the day, Ghost 10 regularly updates a file called SYMLCRST.DLL (below).  There are as many as 10 updates daily and they come at odd and varying intervals.  I was unable to determine what triggers an update.  Symantec Executive Support was also unable to provide an explanation as to WHY this file was bring regularly updated.  Mr. Levi Smith claimed this was “proprietary” information!

snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
I use extensively Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. With a decent network on network boot (PXE), I typically do 15 machines in about 5 to 8 minutes. In testing, I have done as many as 45 computers in 15 minutes. These examples are approximately 10 GB XP builds with typical corporate software on average performance machines. I have seen Clonzilla which claims to be comparable, but free...I have not tried it personally. Symantec ghost does not have to be run using PXE. I can be done with bootable disks to do disk to disk or you can save and store ghost images as well.
Just as a side note, Windows Server 2008 has its own bare metal recovery tool, so you might want to use that for hassle free backups.
savvvAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'm looking into these. Anyone else know of any others I should look into?

snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
I also should mention UltimateBootCD.  It's a free download and last time I used it, I found multiple clone tools on there.  Totally free and there is a bunch of other very handy utilities on the disk.  You definitely check out their site and see what I mean.
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