W7 to XP remote desktop local printers not working

When attempting to print to a local printer using remote desktop from a W7 workstation to an XP, one of 2 things happen.  
the print job hangs in the remote queue and never reaches the local print queue;  

or the job reaches the local print queue but seems to loop filling the queue with queued print files.  must end the RDP to stop it from adding the prints to the queue.

the printer is an HP Laserjet 1006.  the print drivers on the xp machine are W7.
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'the print drivers on the xp machine are W7'
Not sure I understand this...You have printer drivers from
W7 running on XP ?
XP have their own native drivers for your printer.

Also make sure on W7 in RDP connection properties you have have printers
... checked  (Local devices and resources' )
You need to have XP drivers for XP machine. The printer will not work correctly because you are running Win7 drivers on XP machine.
You will also need win7 drivers on your win7 machine for the printer
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drestAuthor Commented:
My understanding is that since the printer is attached to the W7 machine the drivers need to be w7 even if the Remote workstation is XP.  I went back to check the drivers on the XP machine and they are in fact XP and not W7.  The downloaded driver package does not give me an option to install W7 drivers on the XP machine.  Does anyone know how I can get W7 drivers onto the XP machine. Where are they stored on the W7 machine.
If you have a printer attached to a W7 machine then the drivers must be W7,of course.
However on XP machine you must install network printer and supply XP drivers.Not W7 ones.
You can not install W7 drivers for an XP system.Might work but in 99% of the cases it
will not.
The trick is that you must tell XP that the printer is a network printer and XP will by themselves install
the appropriate driver.First you must make sure you can print OK from XP machine on W7 printer.
Make sure the connection is not blocked by firewalls etc.
This is from W7 but XP should be similar.
See the 'printers' option
Also,If the printer is setup as local then it must be 'shared'.
drestAuthor Commented:
I got it to work by restarting the "Print Spool" service o the remote desktop.  So, i think the drivers and RDP are configured properly.  I may have to require the user to restart the service everytime she logs onto the remote desktop.  not what i want, but it works.

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