IP address change on microsoft exchange server 2003 R2

Hello all,

I will be forced to change the IP address for a company and would like a detailed walkthrough on how to change the IP address for the exchange server 2003 R2. If you could, please be very detailed. I really don't have a background with exchange servers so treat me as a noob here.

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Satya PathakConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ConsultantCommented:
--Changing the IP address of your Exchange server --provided to you by your ISP.
--Check your firewall configuration for the NAT rule --that maps your Exchange server's internal/private --IP address to an external/public IP address. Does --it still point to the server's old IP address? If --yes, you will need to change it to the new IP --address.

--Also make sure any Access rules/ACLs that allow.

Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Can you please tell me, which ip you want to change Public or Private?
netadmin2004Author Commented:
netadmin2004Author Commented:
when the day comes i will use this info and see where im at. thanks
netadmin2004Author Commented:
here is how it happened. the router was re set for the new IP address. No problems there. However, this opened a new problem. Maybe I didn't explain things well enough or i just didn't know.

we have a dedicated web server off site. that server has our web address and a DNS pointer to our exchange server. once the change was made i had to call the web server company and have them update the DNS MX file with the new IP address. that allowned inbound emails to come in.

but that's it, took me a while to figure this out, but if this helps someone else one day good deal.
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