Install ation of printer drivers on a windows server 2008 running terminal services

I have a windows server 2008 x64 running terminal services.  Our clients log in and would like to have their local printers available.  I have one client though that the manufacturer of their printer does not offer x64 drivers for her model.  I can install the x86 drivers put the printer is not available when she logs in remotely.  

Is this happening because I have not loaded any x64 drivers for the same printer.  

Does the server need both the x86 and x64 printer drivers for clients to be able to use their local printers?
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you should use Easy Print that comes with Windows Server 2008.
This post from the msdn blog should help you:
rrinconesAuthor Commented:
I installed .net framework 3.0 sp1 just like the instructions on your link indicated and it worked like a charm.

One question though, does the client have to have .net framework 3.0 sp1 or will the latest .net framework version work?
great to hear the link helped.

The latest Version of .net Framework should work!
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