Selectively delete Word pages with VBA depending on content

my word document has page breaks so pages are easily identified.  I need to either delete pages with nominated text OR only include pages with nominated text.   After I have page with the correct title (not shown in example below), I have to either keep or delete it, depending on the action parameter.  This code needs to be in a template as new word documents have to be processed each day (vbs job driven by an excel worksheet).
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Sub SearchPage(pagenum)

' action is I to include or E to exclude

Dim r As Range
Dim found As Boolean
Dim newpage As Integer
found = True
    MsgBox Selection.Text
    With Selection.Find
        .Text = mtext
        .Replacement.Text = ""
        .Forward = True
        .Wrap = wdFindContinue
        .Format = False
        .MatchCase = False
        .MatchWholeWord = False
        .MatchAllWordForms = False
        .MatchSoundsLike = False
        .MatchWildcards = True
    End With
    If Selection.Find.Execute Then
    'MsgBox "found"
        newpage = Selection.Information(wdActiveEndPageNumber)
        MsgBox pagenum & " " & newpage
        If newpage = pagenum Then
            If maction = "E" Then
                rcount = rcount + 1
            End If
         End If
        If maction = "I" Then
           rcount = rcount + 1
        End If
     End If
End Sub
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chris_desboroughConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The looping was caused by the fact that the search started again at page 1 after reaching the end of the document.  I thought it would end.  Once I catered for this, it is working fine.  Sorry to bother you.
The logic of what you need isn't quite clear. Perhaps you should say what goes wrong with the code that you have posted?
chris_desboroughAuthor Commented:
My code just never ends.  I  have been having difficulty debugging with the code is in a template so I guess I need to suppress the frustration and put the code in my document for debugging.  I will do this and then ask again.
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