office 2007 menu looks strange

I just installed Office for a friend of mine but the toolbar is not displaying quite right.  The computer is running XP pro and I installed Word, Excel, and power point using a office pro 2007 load.  

The whole toolbar has a gray background and it looks very pix-elated

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ChrisDennConnect With a Mentor Commented:

check if the computer runs a custom theme:
right click anywhere on the desktop - click on properties
you should see the tab themes - set it to Windows or Windows Classic (This will reset desktop settings to default)
Check if this solved the problem.
Looks like the same issue reported here. Any of these fixes work for you?

Hope this helps!
Something is definitely wrong with the color depth. I was able to duplicate the same look by forcing Word to start in 256 color mode (Right-click Word shortcut or winword.exe > Compatibility > "Run in 256 colors"). See attached.

If other applications and the rest of Windows look normal, maybe check to see if the same setting is applied here. Otherwise, if the behavior is system-wide, I'd check the Accessibility Options to see if something is awry there.

Also check Display Settings (Control Panel > Display > Settings tab > Color Quality) to ensure that the color depth is Medium (16 bit) or higher ... preferably Highest (32 bit).


dillonconsultingAuthor Commented:
My friend found the solution it was the theme he sent me this.  

I found the solution  .. had to change from the existing Display Theme .. to a Win XP theme and then Back again
This “reset” all the icons
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