Problems After Deleting Keychain in OS X Tiger

Was working on a client's laptop, a Black MacBook running OS X Tiger (10.4.11). I had to install a program for him but he couldn't remember his system password, so I booted the computer off the OS X DVD and reset his password.

The problem then was that the system PW was no longer in sync with the keychain, so anytime a program needed access to the keychain, it would prompt me for the old system PW, which I obviously don't know!

So I went into the Library folder and dragged the Keychain folder into the Trash so that the keychain could be rebuilt.

But now his laptop is no longer automatically connecting to his primary Wifi access point and it has to be manually selected.  And I'm still getting prompted for the old keychain PW when I try to connect to the Wifi network. I can click on the Details tab and select the user's main folder from the list and it seems like it's pulling the keychain from there. But then after I reboot the system I have to jump through these hoops all over again.

How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
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anuneznycAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that link, Strung. So looks like I did the wrong thing by dragging the Keychain folder into the Trash, right?

So what should I do now? Rename the current keychain folder to keychain.old and then restore the deleted one from the Trash before I follow the steps in this link??
Sounds like a plan
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anuneznycAuthor Commented:
OK. Will give that a try. Thanks.
anuneznycAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm back at the client site and I see that he emptied the Trash. In any case, I don' think that restoring the deleted keychain was necessary to follow these instructions.

I went ahead and followed the instructions in the link, deleted the keychain and created a brand new one w/ a new keychain PW.

However, now when I reboot the laptop I'm still getting the message "None of your trusted wireless networks can be found" even though I then click on the list of networks and there is his preferred network!

What is going on?
anuneznycAuthor Commented:
Then when I click on the SSID I get the "Unlock Keychain" window popping up saying "Mac OS X wants to use keychain "JM Rebuilt Keychain" (which is what I called the new keychain I created).

I type in the keychain PW & click OK and it the window closes and it's connected OK.

However if I reboot the computer this nonsense starts all over again!!! Argggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try downloading ONYX and use it to delete all caches:

BTW, is the keychain password the same as your login password? I think it should be.
anuneznycAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Is ONYX any better than AppleJack, which I think serves the same purpose. I already downloaded & ran Applejack to clear all the caches.

No, user didn't know anything about his PWs. That's when this nightmare started! I had to use Password Reset Utility to reset his system PW and made things go out of sync w/ keychain. Earlier I reset the Keychain PW and it wouldn't accept the same PW I used for system as was only 5 characters long. So I had to set keychain PW to something longer.

This is such a F'n nightmare! :-( I hate Keychains!!!!!!!
The the repair option in the keychain access utility doesn't solve the problem, change the user's password to match the keychain password.  I suspect that may be the problem.
If the repair option in the keychain access utility doesn't solve the  problem, change the user's password to match the keychain password.  I  suspect that may be the problem.

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anuneznycAuthor Commented:
Client did not want to go through the trouble of re-populating all his PW info (most of which he has forgotten) so I just put Keychain Library back to the original state. Client would just prefer to click on Cancel on that 1st prompt asking him for the keychain PW in order to log into the Wfii network. That still seems to let him get on to the Wfii network.
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