Server 2003 redirected printer problem message

Hey all,
come back from holidays to find when i log on to our server i get a "save as" box comming up with a "remote desktop redirected printer doc" trying to save a pdf file.  it does this 3 times.

if i try to save it the doc is blank each time. I can cancel it three times and continue....

it is strating to bug me... any idea where to start looking for the problem?
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open up a command box - type: net stop spooler
this stops the spooler service
open explorer and browse to C:\Windows\System32\spool\printers
delete everything in here to clear all queued print jobs
type: net start spooler
in the command box.

Hope this helped.
rustyrooAuthor Commented:
there are no jobs listed in that folder at all.  Tried the stop start to no avail... have no idea where it is coming from... mabye i should just not ever go on
rustyrooAuthor Commented:
first link was the issue.. sorry to take so long to get back to you.. was a remote site i had changed over and hadnt configured modem to access until today.


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