Cannot send email to AOL or Comcast --- Reverse DNS issue


We can't send email to AOL or Comcast or some other email. I understand that we need reverse DNS and this need ISP to add this record but is there another way to get reverse DNS resolve without ISP?
The reason because ISP takes too long to work with them. Hopefully there is another solution?

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you get your IP Address from your ISP (which is the usual case), then they are the only people that can add Reverse DNS records to the IP Address.
Please also have a read of my article, which may highlight other problems: 
Good luck, but as far as I know, your ISP has to do it.  They are authoritative for the block of addresses that your mail server gets it address from.  If someone else could make a reverse DNS entry (PTR record) for someone else's IP address, we would still have a spam problem.

 I hope I'm wrong!

Hi there,

Are they blocking your email due to reverse DNS mismatch? IAre you using a third party to send/receive  mail or hosting your own. Basically your domain's MX records and reverse DNS of that record should match, i,e, if your MX record is (the IP address from which you receive emails than the Reverse DNS of this IP address should show/return your confirming that it belongs to you. If you are using a third party vendor then they may control that block or if you are hosting then your ISP. Hope this  information helps you out.
HOPE-ITAuthor Commented:
thanks alanhardisty,

great article

HOPE-ITAuthor Commented:
I called Microsoft and they said I need to create PTR record thru ISP.

thanks much for all your help,
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