Need to install 1TB drive into Buffalo LinkStation HS-DH500GL

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A client of mine has a Buffalo LinkStation HS-DH500GL network storage drive that I had them get a few years ago because I liked them.  NOW, the Seagate 500gb HDD inside has failed totally.  Not able to retrieve data or anything.  I have read that you cannot simply insert a new hard drive in there that you have to have a Linux partition on there from the mfr.   Don't have that.  Just so happens that another client I worked with has the same exact drive so I borrowed it to clone.
So, using Acronis I cloned the drive but it "finished with errors".  I tried putting in back in the case and starting it up but still getting the flashing red light on front indicating unrecognizable drive.
Anyone have experience with these?  How can I clone the disk exactly as is without errors?  Thanks for your help!
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I don't have one of these units, but I did find this article that might point you in the right direction...

Upgrade (or replace) the existing LinkStation hard drive


This pointed me to an additional site that was helpful.  I combined this with other forums and sites to complete by task.  Thanks

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