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I’m seeing on several servers who’s data isn’t changing much at all (ie: their D: drive), but I’m seeing their C: drive (system drive) change by up to a 1GB consistently every day.  

How can I find out in the incremental what has been changing?
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've solved many problems for programs I've never even heard of. There are two things involved, one is an ability to troubleshoot, and the other is different things that perform the same function tend to work in similar ways.

For example programs that move data tend to keep a record of it.  Some keep a record only in logs and most use some kind of database.

But hey, sorry and I wont wast any more of your time.
Doesn't it contain some kind of reporting feature that will generate a list of all the files backed up in the job?
getairAuthor Commented:
dovidmichel: If you don't have a clue, why respond?
getairAuthor Commented:
I've solved many problems for programs I've never even heard of.

If you haven't worked with this one, then perhaps you should, before ever responding to this.
getairAuthor Commented:
Answer was poor.  User has never used this product and still responded with a half baked answer. Duhh!
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