How to Merge 2 Domino Domains into Single Domino Domains?


How do we merge Domino Domain B to Domino Domain A?
The goal is to remove Domino Domain B and put all its users to Domain A.
Can we do this without the need to replace Domain B's LN users ID?

Please advice,
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How many people are you talking about?  Doing the above doesn't really "merge" them, but allows them to co-exist as separate entities.  Domain B people will still have public/private keys that only work on Domain A because of the cross-certificates.  That's not technically a merge.

Merging them is a much lengthier process that involves accessing every single Domain B client.  Since Domino domains are secured with a very complex key, there is no easy way to truly merge two domains.

If this were my environment (and I didn't have 10,000 users), I'd:
1. Register all the Domain B people on the Domain A server as new users.
2. Have all users replicate their contacts up to the web.
3. Take all their mail files off Domain B server and put them on Domain A (making sure they're not encrypted and the ACL is set to allow Domain A servers manager rights)
4. Wipe the notes.ini file (except first 4 lines) of every client and delete all *.nsf files.
5. Start Notes and walk through the configuration using the new parameters.
6. Once loaded, re-replicate the contacts to bring them back down to the client.

Pain in the butt, and even when it's done you will have trouble with people that sent encrypted mail inside the system.  That mail will no longer be accessible to anyone unless they know how to log into Notes with their old ID and access a local copy of their mail file.  
AFAIK there's no way to do that, you can change the user's Name, Organizational Unit and even Organization, but Domain cannot be changed.
Merging domains is not too complicated.  Copy all the documents from Domain B's names.nsf to Domain A's names.nsf.  Where documents overlap, such as Global Domain document, just add Domain B's internet domain to domain A's global domain document domain field.  Run an agent against names.nsf to set the domain field in person docs, server docs, connection docs, mail-in db docs to Domain A.  Might want to change the outbound internet address field in Person docs, too, and add an alias for the Domain A incoming internet adress.  Send users a button or instructions to change the domain field in their location doc to Domain A.  Replace names.nsf on your Domain B servers with the new conbined names.nsf.  be sure to cross-certify your Domain B org to your Domain A org and set up server connection docs to the Domain A administration server.  Done.
"Domain" refers to mail routing.  Merging domains means every Person document exists in a single address book.  "Organization" refers to security.  Merging organizations means every ID has a common certifier (key).  The question (and my answer) refer to merging domains, not merging organizations.
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