Exchange 2007 to 2010 migration Hub Transport Rules

Fellow experts,

We are migrating out 2007 exchange with Client access server to a 2010 with CAS via an overnight conversion.  

Our current 2007 has various Hub Transport Rules.  

My Question:  Is there any way to migrate those rules into the 2010 CAS?   Or do we need to recreate them?  
If Migration is possible, please provide some info on a how to or link to a doc.  

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Hi Mike,
This is a good artcile
According to MS: The setup will automatically import the rules from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010. The above article has good insight.
The idea is that you have to ADD a new exchange 2010 server running the CAS/HUB role to your organization.

you cannot MIGRATE to that server as long as you still have mailboxes on the 2007 mailbox server since a CAS/HUB 2010 cannot talk to a 2007 Mailbox server and vice versa so both will need to coexist.

Regarding your rules you have nothing to worry about, the Hub transport rules are NOT on the server level but at the organization level so any HUB server you add to your organization will see these rules and use them

MikeKaneAuthor Commented:
Excellent  - Thank you
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