Exchange 2003: Mailbox Move across WAN

Would like to pick your brains on this one.  Running Exchange 2003.  Need to move a 1.5 GB mailbox across the WAN.  Did a test move by exmerging a copy of the relevant user's mailbox and attaching it to a test account.  Ran the move and it completed 20% over 8 hours.  It's a bit too long.  Had a few ideas and wanted to know which option you thought was best.  Any data loss is unacceptable.  

1)  Just run the traditional mailbox move over the weekend and wait it out.

2)  Exmerge the user's mailbox to PST.  Delete the contents of the mailbox to bring the size down to next to nothing.  Move the empty mailbox.  Import the PST into the mailbox after it's moved.  

3)  Right now we have the user setup to use Cached Exchange Mode.  We can therefore take a copy of the OST file and convert it to a PST.  We would reconfigure the Outlook profile to not use Cached Exchange, launch Outlook, delete the mailbox contents, move the empty mailbox, then Exmerge in the PST that we converted to OST.  
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Hilal1924Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To Be honest, All three are good suggestions. Though the third one is redundant if you are going to use ExMerge to export the mailbox. So In my opinion 2nd option is better than 3rd. OST conversion can be complex and full of errors.
 I prefer the first one from personal experience. The best part is that it is a safe method. And you can schedule the move. But 1.5GB is not such huge data. I have mmigrated mailboxes over 5GB and it was pretty fast. How much is the WAN/Internet link in terms of MB/s?
Very Best of Luck.
oztrodamusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I like option number two. I believe it is the safest method, because you're not inadvertantly saturating your WAN or accidentally losing data, because having to rely on software to convert the OST file to a PST file. Also, with option number one you have think about what happens if the link goes down in the middle of the data transfer. You may end up having to recover the mailbox from tape, which brings you back to option number two.
Malli BoppeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Would go for option 1  but just have a pst file in handy as well.Inform the user not to use the mailbox during the move.Also during the weekend  it might quicker then what you expected.
sekhar_kiitConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The 1st option is recommended. But if you have slow WAN link, I would prefer the 2nd option.
Exmerge to PST file.
Disconnect the mailbox from the user.
Move the PST using any faster tools or can use FTP
Create a new mailbox for the user on the new mailbox server
Import the PST file
Once everything is successfull, purge the old disconnected mailbox

If you follow the above steps, you data will be 100% safe. Hope this helps resolve your problem.

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