C# list process on a remote system using macine address+adminname+password ?


I need to have a tool to list processes on a remote servers (our customers)
the tool is part of a program that I'm working on to diagnose the system

the Process.GetProcesses("machine"); does not work, I need a way to enter the machine address + the username/password for the admin manually

our computers are not part of the domains at the customers but we have usernames/passwords with admin access

any help?
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The above is an alternative, the one below relates to using GetProcesses()
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Data-BaseAuthor Commented:

I will check it now :-)
Data-BaseAuthor Commented:
wow this is cool

but how I can list the services?
Data-BaseAuthor Commented:

now I get confused !!!

how to use the above with this code?

ConnectionOptions co = new ConnectionOptions();;
co.Username = "administrator"; //any account with appropriate privileges
co.Password = "pppppp";
string remMachine = "machineName";
ManagementScope scope = new ManagementScope(@"\\" + remMachine +
@"\root\cimv2", co);
SelectQuery selectQuery = new SelectQuery("Select Name, SessionId
from Win32_Process");
using(ManagementObjectSearcher searcher =
new ManagementObjectSearcher(scope, selectQuery))
foreach (ManagementObject proc in searcher.Get())
Console.WriteLine("{0}, {1}",proc["Name"].ToString(),

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Data-BaseAuthor Commented:
Thanks allot :-)

that was cool
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