SQL Server Scaling Calculation

I'm designing a SQL database which will need to scale out onto additional hardware.  I need to guarantee that my servers (which have been scaled onto) never run out of space.  How do I scale numerous related tables as needed while allowing users to update past data (which may be on server #1, and server #5 is the current writing location)?

What is the best way to horizontally scale my database schema?
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There are quite a few methods how you can accomplish this. If you want to use SQL only solution, you can probably take a look at the distributed partitioned viewshttp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms188299.aspx

Even if it looks easy on the first sign, you will end up with quite a few problems related with linked servers. You should be really careful with the queries to make sure that plans are optimized and (sub)queries can be executed on the specific servers.

I personally would think twice about this approach and possibly do it on the middle tier instead. But again, it depends on the system and queries.

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