how to restore manually a broken exchange 2003 server databases to a brand new one?

Hello everyone,
I have the following problem:

my main exchange 2003 server, called EXCHANGE, (i also have a frontend server) crashed down severily.
i don't have a valid system backup (iti s too old) but i still have access to the databases (and Exx.log) files, although they may be somewhat corrupted.

i installed a NEW exchange server called echange2 (so it uses another name than the original echange server).
when i try to replace the edb and stm files, i have 9519 and 9518 errors.

i guess exchange 2 doesn't recognizes exchange(1) databases.
what can i do, since echange (1) is out of order?

thanks to all

PS: below are the error logs, translated from french(all of this in APPLICATIONS event log)

when i try to copy the edb and stm files, i get this error 9519:

event type: ERROR

Source of event :      MSExchangeIS
category of event :      Général
ID of event :      9519
Date :            15/04/2010
Hour :            23:17:33
user :      N/A
Computer :      EXCHANGE2
Description :
error the database was in a inconsistent state when starting the database "first group of storage\Mailbox database

(EXCHANGE2) » on the Information Store of Microsoft Exchange.
Data :
0000: 46 61 69 6c 65 64 20 74   Failed t
0008: 6f 20 61 74 74 61 63 68   o attach
0010: 20 74 6f 20 4a 65 74 20    to Jet
0018: 44 42 00                  DB.    

and just after that, i have 9518 error

Type of event :      error
Source of event :      MSExchangeIS
category of event :      Général
ID of event :      9518
Date :            15/04/2010
Hour :            23:17:33
user :      N/A
Computer :      EXCHANGE2
Description :
error the database was in a inconsistent state when starting  

/DC=local/DC=mycompany/CN=Configuration/CN=Services/CN=Microsoft Exchange/CN=mycompany-siege/CN=Administrative

Groups/CN=first group of administration/CN=Servers/CN=EXCHANGE2/CN=InformationStore/CN=first storage group on the

Information Store Microsoft Exchange.
MDB failed to start.

when i try to make an eseutil repair (/R) i also have this error

Type of event :      error
Source of event :      ESE
category of event :      Inscription au journal/recovery
ID of event :      455
Date :            16/04/2010
Hour :            10:06:23
user :      N/A
Computer :      EXCHANGE2
Description :
eseutil (3556) the error -1811 (0xfffff8ed) happened when opening the log file E:\MDBData\EOO.log.


otherwise, i have plenty of these errors, but i guess they are normal after all since it can't mount the DB.

Type of event :      error
Source of event :      MSExchangeSA
category of event :      Session MAPI
ID of event :      9175
Date :            16/04/2010
Hour :            10:07:05
user :      N/A
Computer :      EXCHANGE2
Description :
The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:
The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0512-00000000

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Nenad RajsicCommented:
Because you can't mount your database the process won't be easy.

You have a few options:
1. purchase and get your emails that way
2. setup another server (can be virtual) and follow this article
3. or have a look at this. this:

hope that helps
Considering that you have a separate DC/GC,

1. The straight and best way to go about it would be installing exchange with the same server name / same IP and running D:\Setup\I386\Setup.Exe /DisasterRecovery from Start>Run wherein D would be CD Drive

2. If you still want to go with EXCHANGE2 then in that case from Exchange System Manager, if your stores looks like "Mailbox Store (EXCHANGE2)" then change it to "Mailbox Store (EXCHANGE)". Do the same for PF database

3. Place the .edb/.stm files in desired location as shown in the properties>database tab of the stores in ESM.
4. Open Command Prompt. Change directory path to the BIN folder of exchange. Run,

Eseutil /MH <path of .edb file\name of edb file>

5. Check if the file is Clean Shut down or dirty shutdown. If it is dirty shutdown, note down the log files required.
6. Also run Eseutil /ML E:\MDBData\E00.log and see if it shows as corrupt.
7. If E00.log is not corrupt then make sure that you have the range of log files as required by .edb file. Run ESEUTIL /R E00 /D"database path" /L"log file path" /i and mount store
8. If required log files are not present Run Eseutil /P <.edb file>, Eseutil /D on .edb file

for more detailing please let me know.


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PABailbyAuthor Commented:
although the disasterrecovery part seemed all right, the repair part didn't function at all.
i couldn't restore any data from the edb/stm files, but could restore most of them from outlook ost files.
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