Xen Server: How to copy a VM from one Server to another

Hi there,

I want a VM to run on a new XenServer. To copy it I try to backup the VM to my local disk. Unfortunately it did not work (16/04/2010 10:24:06 Error: Exporting VM '55 import (1)' from 'Pool1' - Export failed) but I have no idea why. My free local disk space is big enough and the LAN connection is stable. Is there any chance to get some more information about the error?

Thank you for a tip.

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ToxicPigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Odd that it mentions something about an import in doing an export.  Do you have enough local disk space on the server itself or a convenient way to mount some NFS storage to try the export on the command line?  If so, just run:

xe vm-export uuid=<UUID of VM> filename=<filename_to_save_as.xva>

and see if that produces any errors.
hi sir
DistributedServicesAuthor Commented:
hello gfshahzad,

any ideas?
I'm having the same error after I detached and reattached an iSCSI SR.  I had to change the iSCSI target path as one port failed on the array.  Not sure why and how to correct the issue yet...
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