How do if force DNS to use one of two IP addresses

Scenario: Two networks x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y. One server (Server1) on network y with ip of y.y.y.1. Network y is connected to, but has no routing from, network x. Network x has a NAT to a server on Network y. The NAT is x.x.x.1 to y.y.y.1

I can connect to the server by a remote console onto x.x.x.1. The problem is if I use the DNS name Server1 it resolves to y.y.y.1 and I cannot connect. The problem is DNS which is on a server on Network x is picking up the actual IP address of the server y.y.y.1. If I modify the Host(A) entry to use x.x.x.1 it dynamically reverts back to y.y.y.1.

Question: How can I get DNS (Windows Server 2000) to keep the address as x.x.x.1 and never update back to y.y.y.1?
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elawadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
renter manually the record to map to server X and then go to server Y TCP/IP Properties then advanced then unpick  the automatically register in DNS field, this will prevent the y server from registering again on the DNS server.
If you delete the DNS record and re-create it manually the server shouldn't have permission to update it, and it will remain as you set it.
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