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How to auto-forward emails from Lotus Notes

Each Month, I have to forward around 450 emails with different attachments to clients from Lotus Notes client. Is there an in-built option within Lotus Notes or a third party tool to enable auto forwarding or similar.

Urmindra Shukla
Urmindra Shukla
1 Solution
in your inbox you must create a rule under: Tools - Rules click new rule
condition - 'all documents' or select your condition that matches documents you want to forward (click add)
specify action 'Send copy to' - full - and ind the field 'to' specify recipient the click add action
click OK

Have a look in the mail database, under Tools - Mail Rules. If you click "New Rule", you will be able to create a mail rule based on sender, subject etc, with an action to copy message to another party.

You can create as many rules as you need to.

One thing to check is that the rules are actually running. Maybe create one that moves all messages to yourself to a particular folder, or something obvious like that. If that doesn't work, check with your notes admin - it's possible to disable mail rule processing.
Do you truly want to auto-forward, or do you want to just check the emails to forward and click an agent button that prompts you for the email and sends them?

Personally, I don't like automatic stuff because people quit, addresses change, etc.  It is fairly easy for a developer to create a button that would take all the email you checked, prompt you for an address and send it all in one fell swoop.  I know it's not "automatic", but it's relatively fast and you know it's going to the correct address every month.
Urmindra ShuklaSVP, Global Head of Cyber Security & Cloud ServicesAuthor Commented:
I have been looking for a third-party tool or software to automate this requirement. Creating and maintaining rules for 400 recipients would be terrible.

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