wss 3.0 sharepoint survey responses problem

I have created a survey that where the title field cross references the course name in another list.  The course list works fine and my survey drop down only shows course titles that the user has access to, i.e. if they are enrolled on course 1 and course 2, when they click on the survey the title dropdown has course 1 and course 2.  

The problem is if i do not allow multiple responses they can only fill out one survey and if I allow multiple responses they can fill out multiple surveys for the same course!!    What i would like is just one response for each course in the drop down, when they respond for a specific course it does not appear.  The drop down is dynamic depending on what courses are added so it works great apart from the multiple responses problem
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Shailaja KumarCommented:
This functionality is by Design, SharePoint Surveys dont allow branching logic based on the selected value for lookup columns as they do with the Choice columns. An Option for you is to hardcode the Courses by creating a choice column and then based on the choice selected create a branching logic, other wise you may need to create seperate surveys for the different courses, the last choice would be to go for a customised survey developed using custom code.

To know more about branching logic,
ckawebcreationAuthor Commented:
cheers shailaja.  I think i will do seperate surveys through the use of a workflow for each course.
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