Redirection In the Case of Null Pointer Exception in Struts

       I want to address the below Scenario.
       I am using Struts and a null pointer exception is occuring in my action class? In this case instead of showing the server error page, I want to redirect to my customized Error Page? How do i achieve this in Struts
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You need to configure in web.ini

find the relevant posting here:
U can use either Global Exception Handling/ Exception handling for Action. Depends on the requirement u can use global or action specific here i can give... action specific exception..

you need to handle an exception in a specific way for a certain action you can use the exception-mapping node within the action node.

   <action name="actionspecificexception" class="org.apache.struts.register.action.Register" method="throwSecurityException">
     <exception-mapping exception="org.apache.struts.register.exceptions.SecurityBreachException"
          result="login" />
      <result name="login">/login.jsp</result>

The above action node from the example application's struts.xml file specifies that if method throwSecurityException throws an uncaught exception of type SecurityBreachException the Struts 2 framework should return a result of login. The login result will cause the user's browser to be redirected to login.jsp.

You can see that an action-specific exception mapping will take precedence if the same exception is also mapped globally

Here above i have given an example.. Base on ur exception type you can give the results page...

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