Diverting Calender invites

I am trying to set up a calendar appointment invites and requests divert for our CEO to go to their secretary inbox. What I would like to happen is when a user sends a request to the CEO for a meeting that the invite gets transferred to the secretary’s inbox so they can accept the invite on behalf of the CEO. And when the secretary sends out calendar invites on behalf of the CEO that the accepted or declined messages get diverted to there into there inbox (Hope that makes sense)

So far I tried setting up rules on a test account mailbox but to no success yet. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
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Will the delegates option work for you. Set the secretary as a delegate for the CEO using Tools > Options > Delegates and select the check box "send meetings requests.... only to me.
The option says "Send meeting requests and responses only to my delegates, not to me".
afletch78Author Commented:
Spot on mass2612 , that does the job. Thanks for your help !
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