Server 2008, VHDs and Hyper-V

Greetings all

I have recently started looking at Hyper-V, with the aim of exploring SharePoint 2010. Alllwent well, until I tried to start up my "new" machine"

My steps:

1.  Created a VHD
2. Install Server 2008 on VHD
3.  Boot up into Server 2008
4.  Install Hyper-V roll
5.  In Hyper-V, under Hyper-V Manager, right-click on the Server 2008 machine and select "New Virtual Machine".
6.  Point it at an existing VHD (in this case, a SharePoitn 2010 one)
7. Select the new machine and click "Start" - ERROR!S :

    Windows failed to start. Accent hardware change ....

    Info: An error occurred trying to read the boot configuration


Any thoughts??

In advance, thanks!
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OK. So we can conclude that it was not because of running the VM off Windows 2008 running as a VHD.
The error is pretty much the same as you started with. It seems sharepoint 2010 VHD has an invalid boot sector. You have to repair the installation inside the VHD by using repair you computer option. You need to boot using the installation media.

The following can help you.

Try method 2 and then method 1. Make a copy of the VHD first.

Best of luck.
So If I am reading you right, the Hyper-V host machine is Windows Server 2008 and you created a VM having windows Server 2008 and then used the same VHD for another VM.
Is this right?
If so is the first VM running?

allanmarkAuthor Commented:
Hyper-V host is Server 2008 (installed on a VHD)

At boot up, I select Server 200 from the boot menu.

Then I run Hyper-V and create a New virtual machine -- which I point at an exisitng VHD (a different one to the Server 2008)!

Is it possible from a virtual machine to start up another virtual machine?
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Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
I haven't tested this myself but I would think it may not be possible because the VHD you are trying to start won't be able to directly access the underlying hardware.

I assume you are using the "boot with VHD"  option and then trying to create Hyper-V ?

if you are, then why  not just use that to explore sharpoint 2010 and once you are done you  can simply delete it ?

You can always use wim2vhd to generate a  sysprep'd server 2008R2 vm in a couple of minutes and then use it to  boot with vhd.

allanmarkAuthor Commented:
Ok. I ended up deleting the Server 2008 vhd and installing Server 2008 onto one of my partitions. MY steps then were:

1.   Boot up into Server 2008
2.  Install Hyper-V role
3.  In Hyper-V, under Hyper-V Manager, right-click on the Server 2008 machine and select "New Virtual Machine".
4.  Point it at an existing VHD (in this case, a SharePoint 2010 one)
5. Select the new machine and click "Start"

Still errors! (see attached).

allanmarkAuthor Commented:

Going to away from my PC for 2 days. Will try it as soon as I get back, and post the results of my efforts.
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Yes as Msmamji has pointed out, do a fixboot and fixmbr on your vhd as per the technet article link by msmamji,

that should get this up and running - if not then let us know your results and we will try to help.

kind regards
allanmarkAuthor Commented:
Thank you.

Apologies - thought I had closed this one.
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