Error FAT32

Hello, ACER computer with Windows XP OS during a boot up process generates an error FAT32. I let it go through the process of checking disk(about 6 hours) and it is again generating this after I rebooted. How can I fix this?
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NujsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My take on this:
Use a bootable usb/cd with any linux distro. mount the drive you need and backup your files, partition the drive (if you wish to) and then format the drive to ntfs. Got this easily done with ubuntu and puppy.
reredokIT ConsultantCommented:
fat32 = 4G max FileSize.

try to convert it to ntfs: enhanced mode: convert C: /fs:ntfs

chkdsk may fix more problems for ntfs rather fat32 volumes

but make a backup before
nikolinaITAuthor Commented:
Thank you reredok.
Do I run all ntfs: enhanced mode: convert C: /fs:ntfs under the cmd command, or just part of it?
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